Fitness at 6 am

I decided three years ago to change my lifestyle by adding true exercise into it again. I’d always been active, adventurous, and outdoorsy, but never fit. I started working out and found a trainer and joined her monthly bootcamp-style FitCamp. The group was mostly women, and it was perfect for me. I told others about it and a few of them joined too. I met other women there and my fitness community quickly grew. Getting to know other women at 6 a.m. on the basketball court in a city park while doing pushups or wall jumps or walking lunges became one of the true gifts of my life.group of four women smiling

When our trainer announced last summer she was canceling FitCamp to concentrate on other things instead, six of us looked at each other and decided almost instantly we would carry on together. That was almost 6 months ago. We rotate who plans the workout, each week. We bought a rolling duffel bag, some kettle bells, some exercise bands, a medicine ball, a few cones, and more. We met on the basketball court until it dropped below 30 degrees and then one of us was able to arrange for a (free!) space for indoor workouts until we can go back outside again. Recently, someone said, “I’m proud of us–I didn’t think we’d last even 2 months!”

These five women and I support each other in fitness and also in other aspects of our lives. Some of us are married, some single, and some have had their hearts broken. We are gay and straight. Some of us are mothers and others are far from ever wanting to parent. Some are in our 30s and some in our 40s. Some of us are thin and some of us are heavier. We are very different from each other. What binds us is our strength and developing it together.

I am proud of myself and of my FriendCamp women. I believe women together supporting each other in fitness and in life makes the world a stronger place. I get to practice it every day!

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