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Woman running on track mid-stride with caption "strident"Has your life been redefined in relation to your physical activity? If you are a woman with a story of fitness, outdoorsiness or athleticism please share it with us! We are looking for stories that demonstrate your life changing in a way that caused you to change your fitness practice or ways in which your physical activity changed your life.

For example, has your fitness regimen changed in response to:

  • joining a team or a club
  • a desire to lose weight
  • having children
  • a divorce or break-up
  • a geographical move
  • an acquired disability
  • setting a goal to complete, place in or win a race
  • a spiritual discovery or event
  • an illness or injury

Has an increase in fitness resulted in a change in your:

  • outlook in life
  • feeling of self-confidence
  • relationships
  • overall health (weight, cholesterol, etc.)
  • mood
  • happiness/acceptance of your body

We are looking for stories and anecdotes that are specific. Please include details that make this story personal to you.

Stories should be no more than 1200 words.

Please send stories/photos to:


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