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At Woman Redefined we are interested in ways that we, as women, shape ourselves physically and how our fitness and athleticism shapes us in turn. As we run, swim, practice yoga, bike, hike, and workout at the gym, our bodies become stronger and more flexible. Here are some stories of women whose physical activity has changed their lives. We hope that you will be inspired to share a story of your own.


a button with the name "raylene"…So, I’ll be spending a year doing intensive training.  Which means from there, I should be able to bring these experiences to diverse groups of people. I have noticed an absence of leaders that are women and who are Deaf…Read Full Story


a button with the name "leigh"The only problem was that when my now husband Chris put the ring on my finger, I could barely get it past the knuckle. Chris had modified a ring that I had previously worn on that finger. The ring used to fit me perfectly, but now …Read Full Story


button-jennifer… Now, if one of my girls is in the room while I’m getting dressed, I make sure to say things like “I look great today!” or “I love how this dress looks on me!” One of my daughters once said to me, “Mom, your thighs are big!” and I replied… Read Full Story


button-jackie… I started the race at an easy pace and was feeling good when I got to the first aid station in about one hour. I stopped for a sip of water and asked for directions because the trail seemed to split… Read Full Story


button-rachel…The next morning, I woke to legs that were screaming with pain. I had not realized the  amount of strain on my legs from walking downhill. The effort of moving my legs was considerable….Read Full Story


button-karen…I decided three years ago to change my lifestyle by adding true exercise into it again. I’d always been active, adventurous, and outdoorsy, but never fit. I started working out and found a trainer and joined her monthly bootcamp-style FitCamp…Read Full Story


ellen button…it would have been hard enough to fit training into my busy schedule, but just as I began training my office started mandatory evening overtime and a 7-day workweek. I could have found many excuses to skip my training runs, but …Read Full Story